100mg Fruity Puffs

100mg Fruity Puffs by Flavrx

100mg Chocolate Puffs

100mg Chocolate Puffs by Flavrx

100mg CBD Drops

Flav CBD Drops are made with premium hemp oil. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD!

The Duke Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky by The Duke

Flavrx CBD Roll On

Flavrx CBD Roll On

Flavrx CBD Salve

Flavrx CBD Salve

Flavrx CBD Transdermal Patch

Flavrx CBD Transdermal Patch 10mg

Flavrx CBD 100mg

Flavrx CBD 100mg - Select Varities

Flavrx CBD 250mg

Flavrx CBD 250mg - Select Varities

Flavrx Edibles

Select Varities - Candy belts, 10x10mg/piece pack, 100mg total.

Edipure - Rainbow Belts

Edipure - Rainbow Belts (5x50mg/piece)

Nternal Elixer

Nternal Oral Elixir was created by Making You Better Brands (MYBB) to bring the body into balance by enhancing the Endo-Cannabinoid System. Continued use of MYBB?s Micro Dose promotes homeostasis ? physiological balance ? by interacting with every system in the body. Natural and fast-acting, Nternal Elixir can be taken orally or sublingually. Reported uses include appetite stimulation, blood sugar regulation, anxiety and stress reduction, digestive health, reduction of tremors caused by nervous system disorders and help with sleep.