Flavrx CBD Capsules

Flavrx CBD 10mg Capsules

Flavrx CBD Roll On

Flavrx CBD Roll On

Flavrx CBD Salve

Flavrx CBD Salve

Flavrx CBD Transdermal Patch

Flavrx CBD Transdermal Patch 10mg

Edipure - Gummy Bears (Gummy Candy)

Edipure Gummy Bears candy, 25x10mg/piece pack.

Edipure - Watermelon Tarts (Gummy Candy)

Edipure Watermelon Tarts Gummy candy, 25x10mg/piece pack.

Flavrx Edibles

100mg flavrx edible bags

Edipure - Rainbow Worms (Gummy Candy)

Edipure - Rainbow Worms (Gummy Candy) 25 10mg pieces (250mg package)

Edipure - Rainbow Belts

Edipure - Rainbow Belts (5x50mg/piece)

Nternal Elixer

Nternal Oral Elixir was created by Making You Better Brands (MYBB) to bring the body into balance by enhancing the Endo-Cannabinoid System. Continued use of MYBB?s Micro Dose promotes homeostasis ? physiological balance ? by interacting with every system in the body. Natural and fast-acting, Nternal Elixir can be taken orally or sublingually. Reported uses include appetite stimulation, blood sugar regulation, anxiety and stress reduction, digestive health, reduction of tremors caused by nervous system disorders and help with sleep.




J1 by Floracal Farms

J1, or Jack One, is a high-end hybrid strain that is gaining widespread popularity. Although a hybrid, the high-energy effects categorize the strain more on the sativa end of the scale. J1 is a cross between two famous sativas, Skunk #1 and Jack Herer, and is best known for its strong, uplifting, clear-headed buzz that allows for mobility. The flowers are emerald green and frosty with a sweet aroma resembling the unmistakable Jack Herer pungency. This strain’s seemingly only flaw is the top-shelf price that tends to come with its exceptional quality.


Flavrx Clear Oil

Flavrx Clear Oil - Raspberry Kush Indica


Flavrx CBD Cartridge 200mg

Flavrx CBD Cartridge 200mg

Flavrx - Rebelution Cartridge

Flavrx - Rebelution Cartridge

710 KingPen

710 KingPen - Super Lemon Haze

Flavrx - Gorilla Glue

Flavrx Gorilla Glue Hybrid Cartridge

Flavrx - True OG

Flavrx True OG Indica cartridge

Flavrx - Trainwreck

Flavrx Trainwreck Sativa cartridge

Flavrx - Blue Dream

Flavrx Blue Dream sativa cartridge

Flavrx - White Widow

Flavrx hybrid cartridge

Flavrx - Creamsicle

Flavrx hybrid cartridge

Flavrx - Banana Kush

Flavrx indica cartridge

Flavrx - Jack Herer

Flavrx - Jack Herrer Sativa cartridge

Flavrx - Mango Haze

Flavrx - Mango Haze Sativa cartridge

Flavrx - Skywalker

Flavrx - INIDICA cartridge

Flavrx - Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush Indica cartridge

Flavrx - Blackberry Kush

Flavrx Blackberry Kush Indica cartridge

Flavrx - Blueberry Kush

Flavrx Blueberry Kush Indica cartridge

Flavrx - Tangie

Flavrx - Tangie

Aunt Zelda's Cannabis Coconut Topical

Aunt Zelda's Medical cannabis-infused organic coconut topical. Includes 10 essential oils 15ML.

Flavrx - Tropical Trainwreck

Flavrx - Tropical Trainwreck

Flavrx - Strawberry Cough

Flavrx - Strawberry Cough

FlavRX - Lemon Haze

FlavRX Sativa refill cartridge

FlavRX - Fire OG

FlavRX Indica refill cartridge

FlavRX - OG Kush

FlavRX Indica refill cartridge

FlavRX - Sour Diesel

FlavRX Sativa refill cartridge

Flavrx Black Label

Flavrx Black Label - Banana Kush

Nternal K9 Releaf


FlavRX - Girl Scout Cookie

FlavRx Hybrid cartridge

FlavRX - Headband

FlavRx Sativa cartridge

FlavRX - Green Crack

FlavRx Sativa cartridge

FlavRX - Grape Ape

FlavRx Indica cartridge

FlavRX - Golden Apple

FlavRx Indica cartridge

FlavRX - Bubblegum

FlavRx Hybrid cartridge

Flavrx - Pear Herer

Flavrx Sativa cartridge

Flavrx - Raspberry Kush

Flavrx - Raspberry Kush INDICA cartridge

Guild Extracts - 1G Crystalline

Guild Extracts - 1G Crystalline PURE THC


710 King Pen Battery Kit

710 King Pen Battery Kit

FlavRX - Standard Battery

FlavRX original battery.